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k@not. (06.05.2012, 20:37)

We're hoping to have a dubstep party at the club where I work, and would like to
show some extreme sports videos during parts of it. We want to include some vids
of extreme freestyle and mountain biking. Can anyone suggest what they feel are
the best vids available?

Also we'd like to include other sports if anyone has good suggestions about vids

cliff snow skiing and skiing/base jumping
kayaking over waterfalls, running gates, and freestyle extreme stuff
snow and wake boarding
kite surfing
skate boarding and roller blading

Thanks for any suggestions!
k@not. (06.05.2012, 20:44)
On Sun, 06 May 2012 14:37:42 -0400, k@not. wrote:

>kite surfing

Sorry that should be kiteboarding.
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