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Ginny Caughey [MVP] (10.01.2006, 14:53)

You really should be using VS 2005 to create WM 5.0 apps.
Sami (10.01.2006, 14:54)

My application was written using embedded Visual Basic 3.0 for PocketPC
2002. After PPC2003 came out I was able to easily use my app with a few
changes under PPC2003.

Now I have a device with Windows Mobile 2005 and my eVB3.0 app does not work

What would be my best bet for running eVB 3.0 under Windows Mobile 2005.

I have Visual Studio.NET 2003 installed in my Development PC. Do I have to
rewrite the whole eVB3.0 app under VS.NET 2003 using Windows Moible 2005
SDK. Or do I need Visual Studio 2005 and rewrite the eVB3.0 app using that
Steve Maillet \(eMVP\) (10.01.2006, 17:44)
>What would be my best bet for running eVB 3.0 under Windows Mobile 2005.
eVB reached End of Line a while ago. There is no support for it on WM5 or
later devices.
Paul G. Tobey [eMVP] (10.01.2006, 18:36)
"Possible", yes; a great idea, probably not. You'd have to target Pocket PC
2003 with VS.NET 2003 (which doesn't support WM5), and I don't think that
you'd be able to connect to, deploy to, or debug on, your WM5 device from
that environment, but the EXE itself would probably work.

Paul T.

"Sami" <s8a2m9i1_i5s1l9a6m> wrote in message
MSenne (11.01.2006, 00:39)
In case you haven't seen it, here is a nice tool support matrix from
the Windows Mobile team. Should be pretty clear as to what you can do
with what.

gh (24.01.2006, 21:55)
You could convert to NS Basic/CE. It's similar to eVB, and there is a

It runs on WM5 and has a number of other advantages.

(Disclosure: I work for NS Basic. Feel free to send me questions
directly at gh)
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