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Subject:Sender;bh=hx61NoH9E92W+3/Qu4+0Ox0TiPkCRhQITPHfUF/vH+ (08.03.2020, 16:41)
Hello ,

it is not working - only a little test - what is wrong ?

# Python -- v3.8 - windows 10

from multiprocessing import Process, Queue, managers
import time

def with_shared_memory():
with managers.SharedMemoryManager() as smm:
sl = smm.ShareableList(range(2000))
# Divide the work among two processes, storing partial results
in sl
p1 = Process(target=do_work, args=(sl, 0, 1000))
print (p1)
p2 = Process(target=do_work, args=(sl, 1000, 2000))
p2.start() # A multiprocessing.Pool might be more efficient
p2.join() # Wait for all work to complete in both processes
total_result = sum(sl) # Consolidate the partial results now
in sl
print (total_result)

def do_work(data,von,bis):
print (von,bis)
for i in range(von,bis):

Hermann Riemann (08.03.2020, 17:50)
Am 08.03.20 um 15:41 schrieb Joachim Sasse:

> from multiprocessing import Process, Queue, managers
> with_shared_memory()

shared memory über Prozesse soll per mmap gehen.

der vorhat, das zu verwenden.
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